Why Internships are Important

Why Internships are Important


Experience is always leading the list of questions asked in an interview and that’s one reason many people prefer to work during their studies. Internships turn out to be one of the most beneficial solutions for both parties. They are usually available for people with different educational backgrounds and offer numerous opportunities and positions. It often depends on the organization or the position whether internship programs are paid or not. For many, payment matters little as they are looking for professional growth and opportunities, and it often becomes a good chance for networking and even getting a job at the very company.


Internships at Esterox

As an Armenian IT company, Esterox finds it extremely important to allow young specialists to learn with the help of our professional team. Esterox is available for everyone despite the geography: we make sure young enthusiasts from every corner of Armenia get a chance to learn, work hard and perform their best.


We Care

As hard-working IT ants, we do our best to give all the necessary knowledge, resources, and room for our interns to realize their creative ideas with us, later becoming certified professionals for the Armenian IT community.


We Build Trust

Not overloading our interns with full-time responsibilities and heavy tasks, interns are still expected to handle practical tasks among theory and book knowledge. Our team also considers sharing real examples to provide the interns with a better understanding of the given theme. Interns, in response, are expected to make an effort, think out of the box, and become a full part of the team, thereby proving we spent our energy and resources appropriately. 



Acquiring new work-related qualifications, working with professionals, and accomplishing practical tasks are key benefits to look for. Moreover, Esterox makes full-time job offers to those interns who have completed the program with outstanding results and professional achievements. Esterox proudly announces that some of the interns are now full-time Esterox employees.


Professionalism and Quality

We care about results, not numbers. Esterox always ensures internship programs involve as many people as our resources can support. We consider providing high-quality knowledge and practice for our interns, and speed is never a requirement for beginners: they take their time, learn step by step, and make small and firm achievements. We implement each internship program with ongoing and final tests, and that’s how we evaluate the work of both sides. Exit surveys help us improve the internship programs at Esterox.


Strong Values

Our interns are sure about their key takeaways: experience in a professional atmosphere, responsibility, and teamwork. Christian values and the family model in the workplace have proven to be fundamental values for our interns.


Even Fun

Alongside our busy schedule, we can still manage to have some fun. Our previous interns say the warm atmosphere was one thing to keep them motivated. Besides the formal tasks and lessons, our interns get to make beautiful memories filled with funny moments, stereotypical beliefs about programming, and laughter.


Final Thoughts

Despite the degree and qualifications, there is usually a need for a short trial period before the full-time job, so we highly recommend you consider internship opportunities at Esterox and in general, which will be the first step to starting your professional career.