The importance of Cybersecurity

The importance of Cybersecurity

We live in a digital world, and it is almost impossible to imagine our personal and work life without the internet. As we continue to put more and more information on the internet, the need for cybersecurity and the practice of protecting sensitive data, networks, and devices from cyberattacks and unauthorized access increases. This can be a threat not only for individuals but also large companies, and in case of successful attacks, data loss or even financial breakdown can be foreseen. A recent study shows 30000 websites are hacked daily and as the world of technology continues to evolve, so does cybercrime.


The good news is there are several ways to protect the data from these attacks. And although cyberattacks can be implemented through various tools and the main cybercrime target can be any piece of data, companies adopt several cybersecurity solutions to prevent their website and private information from such attacks and ensure user protection on the web. Below are listed some:


Need for strong passwords

Any website user is privileged to come up with a password for their personal account while the website takes responsibility as well by setting some restrictions on password creation, such as using uppercase and lowercase letters, setting a minimum number of symbols for the password, or not allowing using names and other personal data. And although this can be a matter of inconvenient experience for the user, website administration continues to improve password creation restrictions for user benefit and protection.


Avoiding file uploads

A proven way to protect the website from hackers is avoiding file uploads, while this cannot be the case for many websites which require file uploads in different forms. Uploading files can be a target to hackers to transfer unsafe content, and setting specific restrictions like limiting the size, automatically renaming, and keeping the files outside the webroot decreases the website and sensitive data vulnerability.


Paying attention to Software Updates

Another essential security solution is keeping the software up to date. This includes not only the server but any other Software applied on the web. Keeping plugins, apps, and CMSes up to date could guarantee safer website use and close very probable access for hackers to the data.


Considering HTTPS Security

Applying HTTPS security protocol ensures a safer connection and confidentiality between the server and the user browser. Any data transmitted via the server using HTTPS is protected. This mainly works well for sensitive data like financial account information.


Validation Effectiveness on Both Sides

Considering both side validation is also more reliable when it comes to website security. Providing both client-side and server-side validation protects both sides from dangerous input.


Indeed there are many other solutions for data protection, and companies keep following all the latest updates. Esterox also considers client satisfaction, confidentiality, and protection priority requests. For this purpose, Esterox uses Kali Linux professional penetration testing and security auditing distribution. Due to professionals’ hard work and Kali Linux's effectiveness, Esterox does its best to ensure sensitive data protection and confidentiality aiming to provide a nice experience for both sides.