The Emotional Side of JS

The Emotional Side of JS

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming languages. With the help of Frameworks, developers can apply different features to their programs and write more secure and organized codes. Each framework is unique in its typical characteristics, and each allows the users to try different things with their code. Despite their unique characteristics, many developers still argue if one framework is better than the other. This issue continues to be one of the highest priority discussion topics.

As we continue to work during this period, online conferences have become an inseparable part of our schedule. During one of those conferences, our developers share their experience, opinions, and overall thoughts on JS Frameworks and Libraries. Alongside the professional approach, our developers tend to personalize each framework giving them human-like traits to highlight each framework’s uniqueness. Thus, we suggest you have a look at our developers’ online discussion. Enjoy!

Dev1 - I started with Angular and Vue and I liked them very much, while React’s syntax seemed a little confusing, especially when I got involved in its rerendering. I decided to stop learning it for almost one year. I could see I was pretty good at Angular, and Vue was something new for me. 

Dev2- Ok, so are you trying to be trendy? It’s just like buying jeans, we must first consider which jeans are fashionable before we buy it.

Dev3-Guys, we are Rec (laughs)!

Dev2-So can we say you are OK with React now? If you had your own project, would you use React for it?

Dev1-Correct! That could work out quite well too, but I would rather use Angular for my own project: for me it is such a strong framework. 

Dev3-I find Vue very effective and productive: as long as you know the rules, it is fun working with. If you started with React and you are used to writing codes with React, you may have a hard time switching to Vue or Angular. Still, I can do anything with Vue.

Dev4-So like a holiday (laughs)? 

Dev2- Maybe it’s because you first learned React, that’s why you like it better. Anyways, if you had your own project, which one would you use?

Dev3- I am using React for my current project: that’s always effective.You must choose the framework based on the project’s specific needs.However, I strongly believe whatever framework one gets to learn first, that one becomes his favorite.

Dev1-You're right!

Dev4-You're right, bro!

Dev1-As far as I know, all the frameworks do give you numerous opportunities.

Dev5-Although React codes were a little confusing to me at first, now I really like them. I actually tried something new with React I had never done before, and my only concern is that the code reviewer never sends it back to me (laughs). Learning Vue was way much easier than React, but now it’s fun and it does give you the desired result!

Dev4-So still on holiday (laughs)!

Team-Dev2, can you please be a little gentle with the “Enter” button? We can't hear you!

Dev2-At the very beginning Vue was fine for me and I started comparing everything else with it. As for React, I like how it allows you to write anything you like, though it seems a little complicated, you can pass by any element you like, so that’s what makes me like it even more. It's convenient, it's very flexible. As for Angular, I like how organized the codes are: you must use your logic to continue with it!

Dev4- I started with Vue and I really liked it. I liked its reactivity system and the organized codes. I was a little confused about React at first.

Dev2-One thing I find important is how amazing they all are with all their edges and imperfections and how JS is changing by time.

Dev4-One thing I really like about Vue is its community. Meanwhile, every time I see React has a new feature, I feel very good for it. I want React to do well in the market, which will also make a React developer feel good.

Dev2-So are you excited about React’s success?

Dev4- I definitely am! Still, Vue is my favourite and I want it to be honored as it is a very good and stable framework. It is very flexible: it has a function for every mistake. Maybe if I did very well at React, I would not enjoy working with it so much.

Dev2-So what are your final thoughts?

Dev4- I strongly believe when Vue 3 is released, it will be very successful in the market. I especially appreciate all the effort the team is making. What I like about Angular is that it never lets you make a mess. It always gives you the right direction and makes sure you never fail.

Dev5- I was excited that React was more understandable for me. Oh it depends who is teaching (laughs).

The conversation went on, but the main takeaway was the following: each framework can be very effective and productive when it is used for the right project with the right purpose. And what makes one prefer one framework to the other is which framework they started using first. Thus, developers may also be protective of the tools they are using as long as they are really into it.

*Please note that the article was published with the permission of the conference members.