Ask an HR Manager

Ask an HR Manager

Human resources, in other words, the department that takes care of the management of employees, is an inseparable component of any business with employees being the greatest value for the company. Human resources include taking care of recruitment processes, training, onboarding, employee relations, benefits, and needs. Alongside these diverse responsibilities and being overly loaded with various tasks, HR managers never fail to have good communication skills, which ensures a positive working atmosphere and an understanding of human nature much better. They also take the responsibility of resolving interpersonal or work-related issues between two parties. It is also important to note that HR managers deal with people with different beliefs and mindsets daily, and only through effective communication can they ensure they achieve their professional objectives. This endless communication cycle, whether it is providing a positive workplace atmosphere, staff relations, or finding the best fit for the company, is always followed with numerous questions that lead to the desired results.


And as employees in continuous communication with the HR department and overly interested in the mysterious role of Human resources, Esterox people came up with questions for our HR manager, who was kind enough to answer all of them. 


What’s one thing you like most about Esterox, and is there anything you’d like to change?

I like the values and people at Esterox. I like their sincere willingness to help and support each other instead of criticizing, and their strong desire to acquire new skills. I also want people to be more confident about new ideas and be ready to share them as IT is the perfect platform for new initiatives.


What do you value most in people in general?

I find dignity, responsibility, willingness, and forgiveness essential for people.


Do you ever want to read any of the employees’ minds?

Of course, everyone’s thoughts are interesting to me, and I try to learn everyone’s opinion whatever question that is. When it comes to a specific question, I am open to asking them what they think, while in general, I am fond of adventures and wouldn’t like to read minds :)


Do you find technical or social skills more important for an employee?

Both are important. Excellent technical skills, although strongly important, do not make one a good professional without EQ and social skills. I do find technical qualities very important, and always encourage the team to acquire new ones, but I also help them develop their social and interpersonal skills. Combining both can guarantee better results in the workplace. 


Is it essential for an HR manager to be a psychologist?

Although I strongly believe everything is not only limited to education, during my studies I learned how to think. We learned to value people for who they are, not for what they do. We all understand that HR managers are not psychotherapists, nor are the interviews individual consultations. While the word empathy sounds cliche, it is important to highlight the interviewee’s value and importance as an individual no matter how anxious they are during an interview. We find every individual of exceptional value at Esterox. It is important to rethink and reform the questions we ask in interviews, thus, making sure the interview can be a source for further self-development besides just being a part of the hiring process. And while questions asked in therapy sessions can lead to resistance or give the patient a chance to come up with solutions for their problems for the next session, you may not do the same in HR interviews. Maybe this is a very subtle difference to highlight, but there are many more.


What do you find important about Esterox?

There are several things I find extremely important about Esterox, like employees’ continued willingness to learn, and the team’s openness to new ideas, suggestions, and complaints. I find it extremely important for an individual to feel good at Esterox not only as a workplace but as a community. As for new employees or candidates, the most important thing for me is the potential I see in them despite their professional backgrounds. And finally, I want everyone to keep in mind that Esterox would not be the same without our bright individuals with outstanding professional and human qualities.