Ask an #EsteroxGirl

Ask an #EsteroxGirl


Last year we shared an article stating “ Share of women employed in IT is around 30% in Armenia''. Esterox is not an exception, and, surprisingly, the number of women working at Esterox makes around 30%. At Esterox we believe success is not only defined by hard work but tenderness, harmony, and warmth, the main guarantees of which are women in any industry. Thus, our boys didn’t miss the chance to ask their long-desired questions to our #Esteroxgirls. Ready to go deep into the crazy and mysterious world of #Esteroxgirls? Let’s go!


Is it possible to combine a job in IT and personal life?

“I would say yes, though jobs in IT usually require most of your time.”

“I think no :) .”

“I would say Yes and No at the same time. "

“I haven’t faced any challenges.”

“IT will not hurt your personal life.”


How do you cope with the standard working routine?

“I set problems for myself and start to solve them one by one.”

“I make sure I am doing something different from work-anything, any activity that has no connection to work: that’s how you feel energetic for the upcoming working week.”

“I haven’t found out so far ;) ”

“No need to cope: my days are interesting anyway, although good movies would do too.”

“I am not a developer: my days are not alike.”

“I do my best to make sure my days are not alike: adding new hobbies to your daily routine would help.”

“My days are never alike, but new hobbies are always welcome.”


How does the public react when they learn you are working in IT?

“You must earn well."

“Some are surprised, and some believe I must be a genius.”

“They feel proud.”

“At first the reactions seemed unusual: I do not see such issues now.”

“They go like: "That must be tough, I guess.”


Do you feel any discrimination as a specialist?

“Agizm :) .”


“Not at all.”


How could we get access to the #Esteroxgirls chat?

“As long as you enter with chocolate.”

“Why don’t you steal one of the girls’ phones? ”

“No way, I am repeating, no way. ”

“ As long as you feel convenient in a chat where x (number) girls are discussing x (number) diverse topics all at once.”

“Just make sure you bring some candy.”


What inspires you most?

“ Words of appreciation. ”

“ When your employer appreciates the work you do. ”

“My positive influence on others.”


“My family, my hubby, my friends. I can find inspiration in anything, even in the pineapple I am growing in my room.”

“Anything, literally anything, starting from the smallest bee to the sun generously shining every morning.”

Where would you be, if not in IT?

“Still in IT. ”

“In the banking sphere. ”

“Maths teacher.”

“In Brazil hosting a masquerade event. ” 

“Where there is art.”

“I would be either a chemist or a pianist.”

“Startup or entrepreneurship in any field."

“A violin player or an astrologist.”


What did you do with your first paycheck?

“I bought a cellphone. ”

“I haven’t even spent my first salary. ”

“Can’t exactly remember, but I guess some delicious snacks. ”

“That was a total of $100, but I can't figure out how I spent it.”

“I bought a tour package to Tbilisi, Georgia.”


Share a hidden fact about you.

“ When getting a gift for someone, I am just as picky as I would be when buying something for myself.”

“I am likely to have “favorite” students in my class.” (jk)

“In my early childhood, I believed I was a cat who had the power of treating fever.”

“Once, I jumped into the frozen lake, not knowing how to swim.”


Hopefully, a business mood and heavy workloads don’t stand in the way of appreciating not only the work your colleagues do but for who they are.

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