Behind every successful business is undoubtedly a strong leader. A great leader maintains not only a good business but a reliable and long-lasting team. Leadership has little or nothing to do with titles, nor is it about management. Rather, leadership is all about being a good role model, who inspires, guides, and supports each team member. Being a leader means taking responsibility and making decisions to maintain long-term success. Often, every employee can be a leader despite the position as long as they possess the same pack of values and principles of the company. It’s important to note that the key to long-term success in every business is effective leadership.


Amazon, one of the Tech Giants, has adopted a strong leadership culture, which may often be a handy guide for many. Although there are no universal leadership principles to follow, and every business may have developed its specific leadership culture, it is always worth considering these 14 leadership principles that drive Amazon.


Customer Obsession

Customers are one of the top priorities for leaders. Customers do matter, and a leader must focus on earning their trust.


“Leaders are owners.” Leaders take the responsibility to act on behalf of the entire company and look for long-term success over temporary accomplishments.


Invent and Simplify

Leaders always look for something new. Leaders expect everyone to come up with new ideas and inventions despite the position and make sure complex problems and tasks are given simple solutions.


Are Right, A Lot

Leaders are expected to have strong judgment and decision-making skills, while they are also open to new points of view and reconsidering some beliefs. 


Learn and Be Curious

Leaders never stop improving themselves: they are curious enough to consider new opportunities and give them a try.


Hire and Develop the Best

Leaders notice extraordinary talents in people and guide them, helping them learn and become a leader.


Insist on the Highest Standards

Leaders set high standards. They act and expect their teams to act upon them. High standards help leaders provide and ensure quality work. 


Think Big

Thinking big means thinking outside the box. Thus, thinking big creates more room for broadening your thinking in positive and creative ways.


Bias for Action

While decision-making takes time, leaders must take risks when possible, if the very decision doesn’t require further study. This could ensure speed in business.



It is always a good idea to use resources wisely. Sometimes trying to accomplish big things with few resources results in creative inventions.


Earn Trust

Leaders are attentive and respectful toward others. They are also open to accepting their own mistakes and learning from them.


Dive Deep

Leaders are always aware. They strongly care about every detail and look for accurate data and accurate results.


Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

Although leaders consider every perspective, they are also very persistent when they disagree about a decision. If they take responsibility, they stand firm and don’t compromise for the sake of desired results. 


Deliver Results

Eventually, the result is what one should care about. Achieving high-quality results is achieving the goals.


Amazon finds it critical for all the team members to be guided by these fundamental principles as the latter continues to be one of the keys to the company’s continued success.