A Day in the Life of an Esteroxer

A Day in the Life of an Esteroxer

As we juggle our tasks and deadlines at work, office habits add a touch of fun to our busy routines. Amidst the hard work and productivity, we surely season our office life with other hobbies. And while we all are unique with our pursuits, there is stuff we share. With that in mind, we decided to throw a quick tour around our office to say what a day goes for an Esteroxer in the office. Let's start the journey together

First, we need to arrive


To begin with the very start of the workday, here at Esterox, we don’t have early risers or night owls. It's people starting to work with the rooster singing and those who walk in two minutes to the daily stand-up :) Be it a hot summer day or a snowy winter breeze, grabbing a cup of coffee to enjoy in the backyard is always in style.

We cook, well, some of us

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial, that's one reason we can’t skip lunchtime. We don't find our people preferring homemade lunch to dining out, or vice versa. Put it this way; we have good cooks and those who would rather stay away from the kitchen. Thankfully, none of us goes hungry, as sharing is a thing at Esterox.

Breaks, usually coffee ones

Generally speaking, employees are encouraged to have three short breaks during the work day. Esteroxers do follow the world's example :) Moreover, this is another chance for our non-official baristas to shine. While they treat us with refreshing smoothies and iced coffee, bringing a sense of cool relief in the summer heat, we get the extra benefit of warm ginger tea for the winter chill.

Sports and games

From silly board games and tricky brain teasers, our team finds joy in gathering around to challenge our minds. But our interests don't stop here; we play table tennis, tennis, and football. In case you spot our people walking around the office in football uniforms, don't be surprised. After all, a bit of physical activity is essential throughout the day!

The book giving day


Here comes our second Secret Santa, the book-giving day. They say book giving is a completely different thing from book reading. Hopefully, we can do both here :) Each year, we make a wishlist of our favorite authors and genres to complement our teammates' taste in reading. Later, those plots become a source of delightful discussions around the lunch table.



The movie addicts

Friday evening is something we all await. Luckily, we got the puffy chairs and a lot of popcorn to hit on our cinematic journey. But amidst the excitement, selecting the movie gets quite tricky for us. We have literally spent some movie evenings just choosing the movie, yet the process itself adds to the anticipation of our movie gatherings.

We are our environment


It’s not only each other we care about. Over the years, we have learned to care for what is surrounding us; we recycle waste and throw some community cleaning activities to make sure our world breathes just as happily. We firmly realize this is not about choice, this is a necessity!

The nap room

According to a study by NASA, when pilots nap for 26 minutes, they show up to 54% improved alertness and 34% job improvement compared to pilots who don’t. That must be something to give a chase to for programmers also. As our happy room is a reality, we can treat ourselves to short power naps to let our minds rest for a little bit. So let’s make the best out of strategic snoozing to bring improvement to our work!

The house of music

We do share values, but that doesn’t mean we share the same taste in music. And this is where we call diversity beautiful :) While embracing our individual preferences, from hard rock enthusiasts to classical music gurus, we engage in different music activities, starting from attending concerts to thrilling music quizzes. Yet our shared passion for music brings us together for vibrant Armenian and international music evenings with our talented performers within the team.



It’s not a secret English is an international language, and we use it in our daily work processes. So why not add some excitement to the classroom? At Esterox, we regularly host English club sessions where we engage in captivating debates and discussions to both enjoy and master our language skills.



To Henry Ford, coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success. While we are building our way to success, creating a healthy and happy work atmosphere is a task we work on every day. Speaking of the things our team does and loves in a short text hasn't been an easy task by far :) But in case you find yourself craving any of these activities, you may like to jump to our career page :) 

*The quote has also been attributed to Edward Everett Hale (1822–1909).